How to repair pipes?

Fixing Pipe

Do you want to know how to fix the water or irrigation pipes? Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin is here to show you how you can do it. We prepare the demo and materials you need for you to be guided accordingly. I. Materials RagStirrerScissorsStyreneFelt tip marker Sandpaper grit # 100 Plastic Container1.5″ Paintbrushes  ACM Blue Glass Fiber E-Chopped Strand Mat […]

How to prevent Air Bubbles in Resin?

prevent air bubbles feature

Many Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin users have been creating using resin as a hobby and as a lucrative business.  As some took on the challenge and joy of using resin, one common question always pops: “Why does my resin have bubbles?”Air bubbles form in the resin when air is trapped during the mixing and curing […]

Interior designs with Polyklear Foam Board

Polyklear Foam Board

Interior design is usually very underrated. It sounds easy but it usually takes a village to get things done. From the outsourcing of products to cost and the design to the overall appeal, this seemingly menial work easily becomes a handful. The key to interior design is to be able to first identify the areas […]

Let’s go Biking with Polyklear!

Biking Polyklear

Bicycling or biking as we know it, is the art of using bicycles for transport, recreation, or sport. It is one of the most flexible activities that can become a daily habit. For many people it is consider as a hobby that comes with many benefits and one of those is losing weight. Biking can […]

How to reinforce cement wall?

reinforce cement wall

Reinforcements for a concrete wall are necessary to provide extra strength to the building construction. There are a lot of reinforcement materials available in the market such as steel bars, wire fabrics, prefabricated plates, synthetic fibers, and many more all with the same purpose and that this to make your establishments’ wall foundation last longer. […]

POLYKLEAR for Boat Making

Polyklear Boat Making b

Polyklear Resin + Fiberglass is the brand that is most popular in marine and fishing agriculture industries specifically for boat making, boat repair, and fish hulls. As all sorts of watercraft, boats, and any other marine structures are exposed to environmental changes and challenges such as the corrosive seawater that gives damaging effect to a […]

Polyklear Common Types of Resin


Fiber Reinforced Plastic also called FRP Products are gradually becoming more common among various industries. It is composed of polymeric matrices strengthened with composite fibers. The polymeric matrix commonly referred to as plastic or resin, epoxy or vinyl ester In creating FRP products there are different techniques and numerous resin products available. Each resin has […]

DIY Common Household Repairs

DIY Common Household Repairs

The need for renovation is quite expensive and may not always be a priority for everyone. Repairing on your roof, broken pots, or kitchen tiles are just simple ways to save money and enhance creativity. Considering these things, Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin came upon this second Facebook live training to discuss DIY common household repairs. […]

Inactivity is the enemy keep yourself busy


Staying idle in this time affects our physical, emotional, and mental health. The current situation we are in leads us to overthink things beyond our control. Making oneself busy should at least involve learning and being productive. Here are 5 interesting suggestions to keep you occupied. LEARN A NEW SKILL You might want to learn […]

Accessories making in the comfort of your Home

polyklear blog - august

As we are experiencing new normal ways of life in our community businesses also embrace new methods in order to maintain serving customers that in need.  We at Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin are always working on finding ways in order for us to deliver quality products to our clients. In the efforts of giving our […]