Tips and Tricks on Clear Casting Resin


Tips and Tricks for Clear Casting Resin

What makes resin popular nowadays is that even though a lot of people use or create objects using resin, most of them have different techniques during the process. Some have their own way of creating products and some also learn to do things through experience. Since everyone has a unique way of using clear casting resin, here are some tips that you can follow for you to make or build your product using
Polyklear Water Clear Casting Resin


Water Clear Resin


Use recyclable cups – Reusable polypropylene or silicone cups can help you cut costs and will help you save money for other expenditures. The resin will not easily stick on this kind of cups making it reusable.

Recyclable Cups

Work carefully – When handling chemicals make sure that you are in a well-ventilated space. You can enjoy doing your job in a safe and clean environment. You can also use gloves preferably nitrile cause it will help your hands off the sticky and annoying stuffs.

Latex Gloves

Use Dispenser Pumps – Carrying heavy resin container is very tiresome and time consuming. You can make this task easier by using alternative techniques such as using a dispenser pump and attached it to your container. You can extract the resin and put it to your cups with ease, also it can help you in measuring the right amount of resin that you need. This can save you a lot of time and muscle work.


Dispenser Pumps

Secure the molds in place – Holding the molds in place is one of the vital things you need to do. Securing it will prevent any unnecessary damages to the project. There a lot of items that you can use to secure molds, you may use securing belt to safely hold the mold intact.

Securing Belt

Planning is the key – Planning ahead of time is one of the integral parts of making a certain project. As for clear casting, you need to prepare all the necessary equipment needed for the project to go smoothly. You also need to take into account some challenges that you might face during the project period.

If you are planning to do a big project that needs larger scale or quantity it is best to make small scale test first. This will give you information that will help you decide on what to do next.



Explore and Enjoy – Experience is the best teacher. Do not be afraid to try something new, failure is part of the learning process. Make sure that you are enjoying what you are doing. This will help your motivation to increase. Keep on practicing and try thinking of ways to enhance your skill.



Everything will rely on your determination and hard work. Just keep on pushing and grinding eventually you will get the hang of it. Keep on developing your skills, sooner or later you will taste the fruit of your own labor.